This song is “Cosmos” by Your Favorite Enemies. It’s the theme song for the goddess Cosmos in the video game Final Fantasy Dissidia. It’s really relaxing, and the singer has a very unique voice. It kinda makes me want to just sit down and listen to it rather than fight when it comes on in the game battles.

artemis seaspell deviantart

The painting I matched it up with is a watercolor called “Artemis” by Patricia Ariel. The song initially reminded me of Artemis the goddess, but all the other paintings I found were in her signature silver (Bonus: in the song: “choked in a wave of silver”), and the song is too colorful for monochrome.  The bright but relaxed colors in this painting go very well. The halo of red around her head also matches fate, the “red crown” in the song. The peaceful sound of the song also matches the feel of the painting.


Lost Love


This lovely digital painting is called “Black Widow” by Wagner Bruno. He does lots of wonderful digital paintings if you want to check him out. I was originally drawn to this painting because

The song I paired it with is “Sometimes I Wish I Was Dead” by Assemblage 23. (Side note: watch the video. It has really cool effects…I may or may not have spent a long time watching it when I should have been studying.)

The emotion in the song and painting seem to match each other. The singer uses a somewhat monotone voice, and the woman in the painting is perfectly stoic. The mostly monochromatic color scheme also goes well with this. However, the vibrant background music matches the flashes of color. They also both lose their loves…though granted, the black widow eats hers…

Take Me



The painting I chose for this post is “Mad Man” by sakimichan on DeviantArt. The artist describes it as “An artist who went crazy, obsessed with his creations, became delusional and is slowly eaten away by it.” I just love the tiny touches of red in their hands and the background, as well as the haze that the woman and cherub leave behind them as they walk.

I paired this painting up with the song “Kiss” by London After Midnight. While the artist in the picture isn’t exactly on his knees, I still thought they were similar. The song and painting both seem to be reaching toward one’s darker side. They both have a very interestingly dark aura, just creepy enough to make you keep looking and listening.

Blue Beards and Blue Plastic

A quick warning: If you have a fear of dolls, just listen to the song and ignore the video. And on that totally-not-suspicious note, this song is “Blue” by the Birthday Massacre. The band has a very interesting sound: the lead singer has a very sweet voice, yet it also gives way to growling vocals and heavy guitar solos.

When I chose this song, I began thinking of blue things. Eventually, the story “Bluebeard” by the Brothers Grimm popped into my head. In it, Bluebeard, shunned for his weird beard, has been married multiple times, though no one ever knows what became of the wives. One day, he approaches a neighbor asking for one of their daughters’ hand in marriage. She is scared, but he coaxes her into visiting him and throws a banquet, and she eventually consents to their marriage. He goes out of the country for a while, but leaves her a key, telling her she must keep it safe, and not use it to open the basement. Obviously, she opens the door, and finds his late wives. He finds out, and tries to kill her, but she escapes (Probably because he told her that he was going to behead her).


When I went to search for paintings depicting the fairytale, I found loads of old-fashioned paintings, but this one caught my eye because of it’s modern simplicity. The picture, “Bluebeard” by spicysteweddemon on DeviantArt, perfectly fits the band’s cute-yet-creepy atmosphere, and even contains their signature purple. The beginning of the song, which is about seemingly alluring invitations, reflect Bluebeard’s persuasion of the girl. However, the chorus is full of growls and threats of violence, shattering the happy, shiny illusions and promises.



This is an oil painting called “A Fractured Mind,” by Randy Gallegos. I thought it was cool because the artwork of his that I’ve seen is mostly fantasy, whereas this one is very psychological. It originally caught by eye because of the rich, eerie color scheme and the use of light.

The song I’ve matched it up with is called “Haunted” by Evanescence.  They both share a very (ech hem) haunting first impression (I’m sorry), both in the visual effect of the painting and the instrumental introduction of the song. The background and floating words of the painting lend themselves to a supernatural aura, well met by the initial vocals.

They are also very similar in their message. The lyrics “I can feel you pull me down” in the song and combination of the floating words and pained expression in the painting symbolize mental strains taking on a physically harmful nature.

There Be Dragons



I recently found this artist’s music. This song is “Day of Destiny” by Erutan. She does loads of wonderful fantasy music, using a variety of instruments. I believe this song is originally from a video game or something, so her version is a cover.

The painting I found is “Injustice: God’s Among Us – Raven” by one of my favorite artists, Charlie Bowater. She mainly does digital art, like this one here. And yes, that is one of the Teen Titans.

This picture reminded me of the overwhelming forces described in the song. The ominous drum beats later in the song also echo both the constant press of darkness, but also the heroes’ ceaseless bravery.It seems like there is no hope against the force of evil, yet the hero stands against them anyway. Though “hope is the faintest of whispers,” she faces the “endless evil” head on. I feel like I’m in English class with all the quotes…I’ll stop now.

A Walk Through Faerieland

This song is “Fairy Forest” by one of my favorite composers, Adrian von Ziegler. If I remember correctly, though it sounds like a harp, he composes the majority of his music (all instrumental) on a keyboard using different instrument settings, so that’s what it probably is.

I flipped through a couple of searches with the same name, and eventually found lovely image on Tumblr.


Unfortunately, I can’t find the artist’s name anywhere, or the medium used. While there were loads of pictures that could’ve matched the song, the light in this one fit the song perfectly. Most of the other pictures I found were flat, but this one is bright like the song. The twinkling lights perfectly the feeling of the harp plucking. They both sound sparkly somehow. The song practically drips glitter…in a good way I mean, if you’re really not into glitter.


For this one, I started with the song “Ice Queen” by Within Temptation. Ignore the extremely cheesy video. Or don’t, it’s kinda funny. Anyway, I stumbled across this wonderful digital painting by Tobias Kwan (tobiee on DeviantArt). It’s the third part of the Motherland Chronicles Collection, titled “Flower Stomper.” It’s a rather disturbing image, but the name is so cute that it made it hard to take seriously at first.



While it’s called “Flower Stomper,” I don’t think flowers bleed. She crushes people beneath her feet, smiling as she does so. Judging from her regal appearance, she even appears to be a queen herself. Like the “Ice Queen,” she revels in destruction, paying little heed to lives around her.  The citizens of her world are practically indistinguishable besides the screaming faces here and there, making the violent queen the very center of the painting. The white and pale blue colors in the painting even reflect the frozen world, drained of warmth at the flower stomping ice queen’s touch.




This is a digital painting called “Starlight” by erickenji on DeviantArt. Maybe it’s partially due the red hair that the subject and singer share, but this painting reminds me of the song “Unleashed” by Epica.

The woman in the painting truly looks like she has released something within herself, making her superhuman. Likewise, the song (and music video) also suggest unleashing something inhuman, but stronger. Like the video, the woman is clearly calm and accepting of the change. Granted, the band in the video wound up a bit more like a Dexter-meets-demon gang while the woman appears to be an avenging angel, but you get my drift. Releasing whatever they did made them powerful beyond a human’s abilities.

The song and painting share a wondrous aura, conveyed by the dramatic instrumentals and operatic backup vocals of the song, and the setting of the painting.  These elements serve to accentuate the otherworldly nature of both.



This drawing is “Bloom and Doom” by drema on DeviantArt. When I saw it, it reminded me of the song “Need to Destroy” by the band THC

They have a similar “pulse” feeling, especially because the drawing reminds me of a heart. The two also share the idea of flesh, with the drawing containing organ-like pieces and the lyrics about skin. “Need to Destroy” also portrays the perception of someone as weak, which is reflected in flowers and vital organs in the drawing. At the same time, the drawing shows them as being bold, and they look anything but delicate, just like the eventual self-reliance in the lyrics of the song. They also share a very surreal atmosphere, and can leave one feeling uncomfortable with their somewhat unearthly nature, yet fascinated because of it. The drawing looks like it should be in motion, which is what it feels like to listen to the song while looking at it.